Raspberry Ketones: Safety in Question

February 14th, 2013

Raspberry ketone has become a popular product for weight-watchers like you. You know how this substance derived from red raspberries can make you lose weight fast.

However, skeptics believe that using products which contain this enzyme, though derived from natural sources, can cause health problems. You may find using it as an unnatural way of losing weight as well.

The Hype

After several months that raspberry ketone was discussed in Dr. Oz’s show on TV, a craze started. Everyone wants to have a firm grip on this weight loss aid in a bottle.

However, there were questions raised on “safety”. Are raspberry ketone products safe to use? The lack of legitimate studies on the said product will make you doubt about its effectiveness and safety.

Subjects on raspberry ketone experiments were rats and not humans. A product developed through animal studies is not always safe for humans.

Raspberries: What Skeptics Say

The effectiveness and safety of raspberry ketones remain in question. Science has brought us different herbs that can have the same effects as that of the enzyme from raspberries and proven to be safe for humans.

Green tea, just like raspberry ketone, is a fat burner. Also, it is loaded with antioxidants.

A bottle of raspberry ketone can be very costly. You don’t need to spend too much just to lose weight. Green tea is said to be a more affordable product for weight loss.

You may be wondering why raspberry ketone products are too expensive if they are derived from natural sources like raspberries. It is even a common fruit.

These berries are very affordable. Some skeptics say that these products may have been derived not from the natural berries but are artificially made.

The Weight Loss Pill

raspberry ketone pillsDespite the controversy about raspberry ketones, you are still one of the many people who still believe that it is the weight loss remedy you have been waiting for.

It is considered to be a potent fat-burner that can promote weight loss by getting rid of fats. Raspberry ketone is an enzyme which allows your system to convert fats into energy.

After finishing a meal, the calories from food may reach the bloodstream. If these are not used up or utilized by your body, they can be stored as fat.

This is the reason why it is important that these calories be burned or used up. You may have a poor fat metabolism and you need the enzyme from raspberries in order to convert fats into sources of energy.

The Final Words

You may still be in a dilemma whether you will believe the manufacturers or the skeptics. Have you tried changing your lifestyle in order to achieve your goal weight?

Remember, using raspberry ketones is not for long term. You need to assume a weight loss plan that you can sustain. You can’t rely all the time on a bottle of the said enzyme.

If only more legitimate studies will be done on raspberry ketones, you can be sure of its effectiveness and safety. It is a promising discovery of modern-day science.

Green Coffee Bean: The Health Benefits Of Extract To Your Heart

February 4th, 2013

There are too many parts of your body that you have responsibility with. However, if you would look at it, you can say that almost all of your systems should be well taken care of.

Obviously, this is due to the fact that your body is a whole system that when one part of it weakens, its whole functions may also be affected. This is apparent when your heart fails.

Most of the time, you would be experiencing problems regarding your blood flow and you could even put yourself to death, especially when it stops beating.

Fortunately, there are various ways for you to take care of your body, including the extracts for your heart. In order to give you one perfect example, you could consider Green Coffee Bean extract.

In order to enumerate its benefits to your heart, here are the following:

  • Body Weight

weight lossIt is apparent that if you would accumulate too much fat in your body, you would also be suffering from the weakening of your systems inside, considering the inclusion of your heart.

With Green Coffee Bean extract, you would be able to prevent such. This is due to the fact that it is among the most effective weight loss pill.

In addition to this, it is actually stated that it could be an effective provider of nutraceutical effects in your body, especially if you are preobese.

  • High Levels of Antioxidants

The Green Coffee Bean extract would also give you large amounts of antioxidants to accumulate. Such antioxidants would help you combat free radicals, which could affect your heart adversely.

Basically, antioxidants coming from Green Coffee Bean extract would also help in fighting toxins. Aside from protecting your heart from damage, Green Coffee Bean extract would also slow down the aging process in your body.

  • High Blood Pressure Benefit

Green Coffee Bean extract has been known to protect you against hypertension or high blood pressure. This is due to the fact that it contains chlorogenic acid to protect your body.

This fact is supported by the fact that chlorogenic acids in Green Coffee Bean extract have been tested on rats and humans.

The experts examined that the chlorogenic acid had significantly decreased the blood pressure of the proponents during ingestion period.

In addition to this, even side effects are actually not present in the patients where the Green Coffee Bean extract is applied.

  • Blood Vessel Action

It is also stated that Green Coffee Bean extract could help in improving the vasoreactivity in your body. This is again caused by the chlorogenic acid compound of the extract.

The acid acts as a major phenolic compound, which helps in providing ferulic acid. Ferulic acid helps in acting on your nitric oxide derived from the vascular endothelium.

  • Homocyteine Levels

It is also studied that Green Coffee Bean extract would help in lowering the levels of homocysteine in your body. If you have low levels of the said compound, it would be an indication that you would prevent heart problems.

What Skinny People Could Share In Weight Loss Solutions

January 25th, 2013

There is no need for you to be problematic regarding the solutions available for your weight maintenance.

This is due to the fact that there are already available ones, which are supported by experts and would even provide you the assurance that you would be protected against complications or incorrect alteration of your systemic functions.

Bear in mind that weight loss could also include the change in your metabolism, food cravings, as well as other digestive processes.

There are too many plans that you could follow. However, you may be more interested in what skinny people try in order to maintain their low level of weight. But of course, be reminded that not all of their habits are approved by doctors.

In order to provide you idea regarding what skinny people do to maintain weight, here are their weight loss habits:

  • Calories

It is necessary for you to burn more calories than you consume every day. This is to assure that you would not let excess calories add up to your pounds.

It is stated that by burning extra calories as you eat less calories, you would find it easier to maintain weight and regularly lose pounds.

  • Early Dinner

Have you heard about this habit? Basically, this is still being followed by people in terms of preventing weight gain. According to them, you should stop eating three hours before you even sleep.

This is due to the fact that when you sleep, you would already have a slow metabolism in your system.

  • Diet

It is still necessary for you to get the necessary nutrients to your body despite the low calorie content of your meals. You could simply focus on veggies, whole grains, monfat dairy products, as well as lean proteins among others.

If you want to maintain losing 1 lb every week, you could simply cut out 500 calories every day. On the other hand, another alternative for you is to replace the high calorie foods with low calorie ones.

One good example of which is drinking water instead of eating desserts or smoothies.

  • Weighing one’s Self Daily

weigh dailyIt is actually helpful if you would weigh yourself every day. This is to assure that you would stay slim and you would be forced to continue with your weight loss needed.

It would even keep you in denial of your weight, which would result to your urge to improve your health even more.

  • Exercise

Aside from cutting calories, you still need to accelerate the pace of your exercise. In other words, you also have to burn calories in another way, such as by executing daily activities, which would help improve your aerobics, flexibility, and strength.

  • Boring Diet

If you want to significantly drop the amount of calories you eat, it is much better to focus on boring, yet nutritious diet. In that way, you would find it easy to lessen the food you would consume.

The above facts would certainly help you lose weight like skinny people do. It is just about weight loss commitment and technique.

Colon Cleansing Naturally

January 15th, 2013

Natural colon cleansing promises you a healthy system away from disease. There are many cases of colon cancer nowadays. You may be threatened of the disease you may get and you turn to colon cleansing as a weapon against the toxins inside your body.


Whatever type of food you eat, toxins may accumulate inside your body. These harmful wastes can leave you with many diseases such as cancer.

Also, these compounds are culprits to premature aging. Degenerative diseases or illnesses of old age are also linked with high amounts of toxins within your system. You want to know how to effectively get rid of these harmful substances.

Dietary Fiber

Your body needs nutrients that can enhance the function of your bowel. Dietary fiber found in fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts can help you flush out toxins.

How? Fiber increases the bulk to your stool and absorbs water promoting ease in eliminating breakdown products of digestion.

Also, fiber eliminates triglycerides and bad cholesterol out of your system. If you want to prevent heart disease and cancer, you must start eating raw foods that are high in fiber.

Put those French fries down and get yourself some carrot sticks and slices of lettuce. They can give you antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that you need to stay healthy.

Their abundant stores of fiber can help you become regular and effectively eliminate the wastes inside your colon.


Drinking water will help flush out harmful toxins. Natural colon cleansing by drinking enough amounts of water can help you stay healthy and disease-free.

Some health experts say that drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water is highly recommended. Avoid buying those cans of soda. They are not the fluids that your body needs. The high sugar content of these drinks can harm your colon as well as cause constipation.


fishProtein is a macronutrient that is of high nutritional value. Many digestive enzymes are made up of proteins and amino acids. If you want to enhance your digestion as well as promote normal bowel functioning, stuff your system with foods high in the said nutrient.

What are these? You must get doses of protein from healthy sources such as lean meat, fish, beans and nuts. They don’t only give you a lean and muscular body but also helps your large colon with the heavy task of eliminating toxins.

Colon Cleanse Remedies

There are hundreds of products in the market that can help you promote colon cleansing. Fiber preparations and laxatives come in different forms such as capsules, solutions and pills.

Which one is best for you? These products work in different ways and seeking for a health expert’s advice will help you spare yourself from harmful side effects. Do background check before trying these processed colon cleansers.

You may be in a dilemma on what path to take. You want to try commercial products to do colon cleansing yet you know that natural colon cleansers are safer.

Living a healthy lifestyle such as eating the right foods can make you achieve your goal of becoming healthier without hurting your pocket.

Tinnitus: Considering The Effective Aid Of Earwax Removal

January 5th, 2013

Tinnitus is relatively the ear noise or the ringing of your ears.

It is actually considered to be an abnormal noise and it could arise to any of the four sections in your ear, which are the inner ear, outer ear, middle ear, as well as the brain.

It could be evaluated by the audiogram or hearing test.

There is no doubt that you are still looking for effective ways in order to treat and manage your tinnitus. This is due to the fact that it could evidently provide you unlikely living every day.

In addition to this, there is no rebuffing that due to tinnitus, you would likely be suffering from work woes as well as disruptions.

Obviously, by just considering the symptoms of tinnitus, you would likely say that you cannot work, concentrate, or even live every day by hearing noises, whistling, or unlikely sounds every time.

Fortunately, there are easier options for you to manage tinnitus. To give you an interesting one, you could consider earwax removal.

Here are few of its facts and relation to tinnitus:

  • What Is An Earwax

It is probable that you are not aware of what earwax is in definitive terms. Relatively, wax is an important secretion found in your ear. It would help your ear be protected from infection, dust, bacteria, or even dirt.

This is composed of skin cells, oily secretions, as well as dust. The said components are from the ceruminous glands and sebaceous glands of your ear canal.

Typically, the composition of earwax may vary from person to person.

  • The Reason It Is Related to Tinnitus

There are various causes that are related to tinnitus; first of which is earwax buildup in your ears. On the other hand, it is also possible that tinnitus could be caused by noise of explosions, motors, loud noises, or even concert music.

Furthermore, it is possible that tinnitus could develop due to ibuprofen or quinine. Also, head trauma or chronic ear infections could cause tinnitus.

From the said facts, you could clearly see that symptoms of tinnitus and due to this, you have to focus on every possible cause of it, such as earwax buildup.

  • The Danger of Buildup

Relatively, earwax is an important part of your ear. It is even better to leave it alone. This is due to the fact that your ears have a way of clearing the secretion naturally.

However, it is possible that when your ears are very dry and you have a narrow hairy ear or canal, you would likely promote the buildup of earwax. This buildup could interfere with your hearing, which is apparently related to tinnitus.

  • Tips in Earwax Removal

earwax softening dropsYou have to be reminded that you would only remove the earwax if they are too much. Furthermore, it is much better to use earwax softening drops, which would help you remove earwax easily.

Also, it is necessary to avoid placing anything sharp or pointed in your ear, even cotton-tipped swabs.

Raspberry Ketone: The Fat-Burner in Red Raspberries

December 13th, 2012

You have heard about a hundred of different weight loss remedies that make you run after your money. Nothing seems to work on your case. However, fret not getting bigger and bigger.

Have you heard about raspberry ketone? This weight loss remedy can make you shed unwanted fats. However, there are several products containing this substance that can pose danger to your health.

With raspberry ketone being an effective fat-burner, different brands of this substance are out in the market today.

Raspberry Ketone

Red RaspberriesThough there are concerns that raspberry ketone-containing products may damage health, it can be an effective supplement to achieve your fitness goal.

Stay informed about various products that are out in the market and know to sort out the safe ones.

Red raspberries contain a natural substance called “raspberry ketone” which can enhance your body’s metabolism, primarily on utilizing fats.

Raspberry Ketone

This new product for weight loss uses an ingredient naturally found in red raspberries. It has gained much popularity in just a short span of time.

You may be interested to learn more about this product. Here are the simple facts you need to know about this type of diet for weight loss:

The Discovery

The enzyme found in fresh red raspberries is called “raspberry ketone”. This substance is a great discovery in the field of health since it is believed to be a potent fat-burner.

Aside from this benefit, raspberry ketone is also high in antioxidant properties. This has become a wonder for weight watchers and fitness buffs.

Raspberries are long been used as supplements and natural remedies for various health conditions.

They are known for their abundant stores of antioxidants which help your body function optimally despite the changes brought about by aging.

Raspberries can also relax your blood vessels allowing you to spare your system from various diseases such as heart problems and vascular diseases.

Weight Loss Supplement

Raspberries are great sources of antioxidants and the enzyme that can aid in weight loss. Obesity and being overweight can be due to poor fat metabolism.

The enzyme in raspberries can help you burn fat and convert them to energy. In turn, this energy can be used in fueling your system during a workout. This is why raspberry ketone is believed to be an effective fat burner.

In order to lose weight, you must have a good metabolism. You must effectively burn fats and utilize them for energy. However, not all has developed a good metabolism just like in your case.

This calls for a weight loss remedy that can enhance how your system works- raspberry ketone.

Still Doubting?

Have a background check on raspberry ketone products and be meticulous in reading labels. If the package doesn’t tell much about the product such as the amount or percentage of the enzyme, leave it on the shelf.

Find yourself a brand that contains adequate amounts of raspberry ketones without further additives such as other fat burners. You can ensure your safety by always seeking for an expert’s advice.

Skyherb Herbal Offer With Green Coffee Bean Extract

March 18th, 2012

You could be certain that more and more manufacturers are actually desire to better what other brands could provide. This is not just about the competition present.

Instead, it is about considering the demand of people in terms of requiring better products over time for their health recovery. You could actually relate the herbal products to the said notion.

This is due to the fact that more and more manufacturers are making way for herbal products, which would aid in your overall health with minimal risks.

However, despite the great number of products, you still have to reassure the consistency of the product’s reliability by reviewing its features. For instance, you are looking for Green Coffee Bean extract products.

weight loss benefitsBear in mind that this extract offers a great range of weight loss benefits. In other words, if you would find it in a product, such product must provide the utmost benefit of green coffee bean extract.

In that case, you could consider what Skyherb green coffee bean supplement could offer.

Relatively, here are its reviews:

  • Skyherb green coffee bean supplement

This is a supplement that naturally comes from unroasted green coffee beans. In addition to this, according to reviews, it would generally give you great amounts of caffeoylquinic acids and chlorogenic acids.

The product is made of green coffee beans that originated from China. It is commonly purchased at 25 kg per drum.

  • Specifications

Basically, the botanical source of the product is the coffeaArabica L. In addition to this, it is stated that Skyherb green coffee bean supplement contains highly active ingredients, such as cynain, chlorogenic acid, as well as caffeoylquinic acid.

The chlorogenic acids present in the product are 10%, 50% as tested by HPLC. On the other hand, in terms of totality, it could be estimated at 50%, 60%, and 70%

  • The General Added Description

The product has a shelf life of 36 months. In addition to this, it is probable that its price terms may vary. The product is completely sealed for the proper storage of the supplements with the use of aluminum foil bag and fiberboard drums.

  •  The Features

The product would ensure you that it comes from CoffeaArabica L., which is the popular unroasted bean. In addition to this, it results in a high level of caffeoylquinic acid and chlorogenic acids.

It would also help in providing you enough fat accumulation benefit and antioxidants. It is also water-soluble, which make it easier for you to drink it.

  • Function Description

The product contains polyphenol compounds, polysaccharides, cynarin, and of course chlorogenic acids, which all perform various helpful functions in your body.

Chlorogenic acid would likely protect you against cancer and combat free radicals. On the other hand, it could also help in the slowing down of the release of glucose into your bloodstream.

The above reviews about Skyherb green coffee bean supplement would help you understand that the product indeed works wonders and it could effectively aid in giving you the health benefit you are looking for.

Weight Watchers Diet Plan: Understanding Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Loss Program

September 13th, 2011

There are too many diet plans that you could follow if you want to improve your physical attributes. In addition to this, there is no doubt that such diet plans could be confusing for they similarly promise weight loss.

However, have you considered the changes proposed by the diet plans? As much as possible, before you even select a diet plan, you should assure that it is indeed effective for your own convenience.

In other words, you should not let yourself suffer from too many changes without considering how difficult it is for you. This is due to the fact that it is easier to improve when you want the change you undergo.

One good way of determining your weight loss diet plan choice is to review the existing ones. To give you one ideal diet plan to review, you could consider Weight Watchers diet plan.

Here are the facts about the diet plan:

  • Weight Watchers diet plan

This diet plan has been in the society for many years. Due to this, there are already changes applied to the diet plan or program itself. In addition to this, the Weight Watchers diet plan would give you two options, which are Core Plan and Flex Plan.

  • Core Plan

The Core Plan would pertain to the energy density science. Energy density would give way to the amount of calories in a given weight of food. Low energy dense foods have small amount of calories for a large volume of foods.

On the other hand, high energy foods provide large amount of calories with small amount of food. The Core Plan would provide you a balanced diet through healthy foods that would keep you full.

  • Flex Plan

flex planThis plan is actually an upgraded version of the POINTS Food System. The goal of the system is to stay within your recommended amount of points each day.

The POINTS are basically calculated through the amount of fiber, fats, as well as calories in the foods. Also, you would be given a “Weekly Allowance” along with the POINTS you have.

  • The Advantages

The diet plan is based on the latest nutritional science. In addition to this, it focuses on how you process your food. It would give you healthy choices in life without feeling dissatisfied.

Weight Watchers diet plan would help you select foods, which would make you feel full, without removing your privilege to choose foods that are your treats and extras.

Furthermore, the diet plan focuses on balanced diet, behavior, as well as exercise all together.

  • The Disadvantages

It is actually stated that some of the leaders of the diet plan program are just few of the Weight Watchers diet plan success people.

Due to this, there are people who suffer from the lack of experience portrayed by the people that lead them.

In addition to this, it is addressed that support is not fairly provided to the people when they need to, which often results to losing hope and eventually, failure.

Read more about weight loss and weight loss pill reviews

Colon Cleansing Spares You from Disease

July 7th, 2011

obesityThe growing awareness about the dangers of diabetes, obesity and other life-altering illnesses threatens millions of individuals including you.

You want to try out health promoting measures that can spare you from various diseases. You have heard about colon cleanse and its wonderful benefits in disease prevention and health promotion.

What is Colon Cleanse?

It is considered to be one of the effective methods in promoting a healthier you. Overwhelming amount of wastes and toxins may accumulate within your digestive system specifically in your alimentary canal.

Regardless of the type and amount of foods you eat, nothing stops toxins from building up. A colon cleanse will help you eliminate and minimize these toxins which may accumulate within your body over time.

When toxins reach very high amounts, they may cause various health problems. When you do colon cleanse, you can efficiently flush out toxins. You want to do this in order to prevent growths to escalate further. What products for colon cleanse can you use?

Products for Colon Cleanse

There is a long list of products for colon cleanse that you can use. Health stores can provide you with different colon cleansers that can work well in promoting the detoxification process.

You may have encountered some of them yet you are being skeptical of their health promises.

Colon cleansers have proven that their natural ingredients are safe and effective in enhancing the ability of your colon to eliminate wastes and harmful toxins. Also, they are less likely to cause side effects.

Using herbs and plant extracts, manufacturers offer you with natural colon cleansers that will allow you to detoxify, be healthy and feel healthy.

However, the cost is one of your concerns. You want to do colon cleanse without buying any commercial product from a health store.

Natural Colon Cleansing

You want to be all-natural and the thought of using a processed colon cleanser makes you think of the possible side effects that you may get.

Try a diet that can promote natural colon cleansing. There are various diets that will effectively help your colon get rid of toxins.

You can try homemade recipes that can enhance the detoxification process within your body. What are the foods you need to take?

Focus on the foods that will make your bowel movement regular and shun those that can cause blockage or constipation.

Try feasting more on foods high in protein and fiber instead of starch, fat, sugar and carbs. You love sweets so much yet health experts will tell you that they are not good and may damage your colon.

If you want to do colon cleansing then you have to avoid such foods.

Lifestyle Change

A healthy diet can enhance the natural colon cleansing capacity of your large intestines. Couple it with regular exercise.

Studies show that staying active can enhance “peristalsis” which is the involuntary movement of your intestines. Living a healthy lifestyle will help you become disease-free.

The keys to natural colon cleansing are eating healthy and living healthy.

Tinnitus: The Top Dos And Don’ts You Should Live With

February 5th, 2011

There is no doubt that when it comes to treatment, people are too incognizant of the fact that there are too many things that they should follow or comply with.

In addition to this, it is particularly important for you to understand that aside from the things you should do, you also have to follow the constraints and limitations of your actions.

In other words, before you even commit to a treatment, you must be prepared enough to face the reality of change. Bear in mind that some even curse treatment for they even deem it harder than suffering from symptoms.

However, despite what people commonly think about, you still have to remind yourself that you cannot live with a condition forever. Although it could be untreatable like tinnitus, it is still better to manage it.

In order to provide you effective tips in dealing with tinnitus, you could consider these do’s and don’ts in managing tinnitus:

  • cheeseDo. You need to supply your body with necessary fuel. This is particularly possible if you would eat a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables. In addition to this, you could add here beans, whole grains, cheese, olive oil, as well as nuts among others. The said foods would generally help in keeping your body functioning property. Furthermore, it is added that if you could eat organic foods, you should do so.
  • Don’t. You should stop exposing your ears to loud noises as well as sounds. Bear in mind that due to such excessive sounds, you would likely be inducing the harm to your ears, especially now that tinnitus could even promote hearing loss.
  • Do. You have to keep track of the nutrients you consume during your tinnitus management. You could basically include vitamin B1, C, Iron, A, as well as zinc in your diet in order to take care of your health. It is found out that Zinc could efficiently help in the reduction of noises provided by tinnitus. It would even give you various source choices, such as eggs, oysters, pumpkin seeds, as well as beans.
  • Don’t. You should not take nerve stimulants. The said stimulants would include those with caffeine and nicotine. In that case, you are prohibited to drink cola, coffee, or even puff tobacco or marijuana.
  • Do. You should add non-gluten grain foods in your diet. These foods would relatively include amaranth, millet, as well as quinoa. If you would prefer wheat, you would just cause the inflammation of your inner ear, resulting in the aggravation of your tinnitus.
  • Don’t. You should not worry about the noise. This is due to the fact that tinnitus would not cause you permanent hearing loss. It is even stated that you could practice masking or ignoring the noises. If you would grow more anxious, you would just stress out your tense hearing system, which could worsen your tinnitus.
  • Do. You should eat foods that are likely natural. The best diet for tinnitus is Mediterranean diet, which is made of fresh foods.